We Are Here!

Dear IS318 families,
We are here!! After much anticipation, the 2020-2021 school year has officially begun. We would like to offer our endless gratitude to our school administration, teachers and staff for their tireless work! While this year will undoubtedly be like no other- we strongly believe that together we can work to provide the very best experience for our kids. Together, the PTA and the administrative team, will continue to build on the deep sense of community at IS318!

Please note the following important dates:
Thursday, September 24, First PTA Meeting of the School Year
Thursday, October 15, PTA Meeting + PTA/ SLT Election
*details to follow

Additionally, Jupiter Grades is the platform used at IS318 and it has EVERYTHING all in one place. Your child’s classwork, homework, progress, grades, school information, correspondence, etc can all be found on Jupiter Grades!

If you need assistance, please contact your Assistant Principal:
6th Grade: Mr. John Nagler jnagler@schools.nyc.gov
7th Grade: Mr. Galvin jgalvin@schools.nyc.gov
8th Grade: Ms. Santamaria asantamaria2@schools.nyc.gov

Lastly, please visit the school website IS318.com (check the parent/ PTA tab too!) periodically for updates.

As always, please reach out to us with ANY recommendations, questions or concerns: IS318PTA@gmail.com


Emily, Sarah, Thandi, and Henry
IS318 PTA Executive Board

A Few Important Points


For those parents who have recently switched to remote: Those changes are not instantaneous. You submit a request to the DOE and then the DOE must forward that to the school on a report. Please do not expect instant results of a new class placement. Similarly, if you opt to go remote we will honor that request but will be largely unable to place your child in any specific class or with any requested peers. New remote students will be slotted into existing classes where there is space OR a new remote class will be opened up.

Actual student schedules will not be relased until Friday. Normally students do not get them until the first day of official school.

If you are a new student to the NYC public schools, it is taking a few days for the DOE to process your DOE account and password. Please be patient. Its not 318 thats causing that delay. For incoming students who never had a DOE account, elementary schools were suposed to issue them to all students in the Spring for online learning. Unfortunately a large number of sixth graders did not have them and this has led to some confusion.

Additionally, many of the emails provided to us by the DOE for incoming students were outdated and incorrect. This has obstructed clear communication. We only had the emails that the DOE provided to us.

Some parents have inquired about intervention classes . These classes will provide extra instruction in ELA and math. They are not solely remediation. One class is planned as a book club, another will be a science fiction class and another is a class on plareading and another is a fantasy literature class. They will be tailored for each class. Same for the additional math class.

To be honest, this entire process has been the most challenging experience for the entire adminstrative team. Trying to develop a program where students and families are constantly opting for different models and the with the DOE changing guidance on a daily basis has been daunting. At the same time making sure that all health and safety protocols are implemented has been a huge priority. Some might see this roll out as chaotic, but we are working as absolutely hard as we can. We know this can be frustrating. These three days are designed to work out the kinks and troubleshoot so that we can have a smoother rollout next Monday.


Mr Galvin, AP

Message From the Principal

Dear Parents/Guardians,

In the spirit of collaboration, transparency and partnership, I want to share that the Mayor and the Chancellor announced this morning that there is a new staggered start for in-person learning approaching the reopening. Although this news comes with mixed emotions for many, it gives our administrators, teachers and other staff members time to ensure the readiness our school building.

We will spend this time to make sure that our school community is better prepared for instruction in a safe and inclusive environment. We will continue our mutual support and partner with you to reopen strong.

Children who are enrolled in fully remote programs will still begin full-day instruction on Monday, September 21. However, children in blended learning will also be learning remotely beginning Monday September 21, until their in-person start date as outlined here: 

Blended Learning Students Enrolled In: In-Person Learning Begins On: 
Students enrolled in:  Middle Schools (Grades 6-8) High Schools (Grades 9-12) Secondary Schools (Grades 6-12) Transfer Schools, Adult Education, Evening Schools, Alternate Learning Centers    Thursday 10/1 

We will continue to keep you updated with any changes as they occur.


Leander Eric Windley


Welcome Back and Our plan for this Week

Welcome to All student and families.

This week on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday we will be having required orientation and Back To School sessions for ALL students.

Each day students will be expected to log into different ZOOM meetings from 9:30 to 11:30 AM

It is required and critical that you attend each session to make sure the year get off to a good start.

All meetings this week will be remote NOT in school.

Tomorrow you will meet with the Principal, your grade leadership and ALL of your teachers.

We will be reaching out to families all day today to make sure you have received this message.

We will be sending additional messages with the ZOOM links.

Reminder you must be using your DOE log ins for zoom.

Welcome Back!

Good Evening Current 7th and 8th Grade Parents

I hope you are all safe and well. This will be the first of many emails/messages you will receive regarding the reopening of schools. Please be sure to read all information carefully.

LEARNING PREFERENCE FORM- If you wish to opt your child into FULLY REMOTE you must fill out this form: https://www.nycenet.edu/surveys/learningpreference
If you have any questions please respond to this message or email asantamaria2@schools.nyc.gov

DEVICE REQUEST FORM– If you would like to request a device please fill out this form: coronavirus.schools.nyc/remotelearningdevices
If you have questions about device requests please contact Ms Ana Berroa (Parent Coordinator) aberroa2@schools.nyc.gov

DOE STUDENT ACCOUNT- All students need to have access to their DOE student account. To retrieve your child’s account please follow the instructions in this link. www.schools.nyc.gov/learning/learn-at-home/technical-tools-and-support/doe-student-accounts
If you have questions about accessing your DOE student account or need help with your child’s 9 Digit Student ID (OSIS #) please contact Ms Ana Berroa (Parent Coordinator) aberroa2@schools.nyc.gov

GOOGLE CLASSROOM- All students must login to Google Classroom classroom.google.com using their DOE Student Login/Password. THIS WEEK your child will receive Google Classroom Codes from all their teachers.

FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL– Monday 9/21 for ALL students (Remote and Blended)Week 1: 9/21-9/25
COHORT A (Blended) will attend school in person MON, TUE, WED and remotely THUR FRI
COHORT B (Blended) will attend school in person THUR, FRI and remotely MON TUE WED
COHORT D (Fully Remote) will attend school remotely MON TUE WED THUR FRI
You will receive more specific information about first day procedures this week.

SCHOOL DAY- 8:30AM- 2PM for all students (Remote and Blended)

CLASS SCHEDULES- Class schedules will be sent out this week.


Click the link above to view grades, homework, and other important information. If you are new to Jupiter, it will ask you to choose a password. If you are a parent with multiple children at the school, choose the same password for each child, so you don’t need to login separately for each child.

Reset Passwords-
On the login screen, students and parents can click “Help Me Login”, then it will email them a link to choose a new password.

If you need further assistance with logging into Jupiter Grades please email aberroa2@schools.nyc.gov.3


Partial Remote Learning Days-

All Students (both Remote and Blended) should be available to meet Wed 9/16- Fri 9/18 from 9:30am – 11:30am (approx). You will receive more details including a schedule prior to Wed.

Thank you for your patience.

Updated Parent Contact Information- VERY IMPORTANT

It is VERY important that IS 318 always has your most current email address and phone number on file. To update your email address and phone numbers please email:
Be sure to include your child’s first and last name in the email.

Support a Classroom!

Our classrooms have raised over $139,000 on DonorChoose.org. We still have a few classroom projects that need funding so please help!

Click on the logo below to see current projects (If you don’t see a logo, click “Support a Classroom” at the top to see full post).

DonorsChoose logo

Chess Team: K12 National Champions!

We wake up today in Orlando as National Champions! Our seventh grade team scored an historic upset by toppling several higher rated teams to add to the teams mighty roster of wins. One player led the way by scoring a perfect 7-0 score on the section which in the twenty year history of the team has never been accomplished.

Our Epic Murals

Greenpoint Innovations teamed up with South Africa-based street artist Sonny (Instagram, website) and Brooklyn-based artist duo ASVP (Instagram, website) to produce two thematically-aligned murals within the contexts of climate change, deforestation, biodiversity, and indigenous people on the walls of Intermediate School 318. Read more about it here.

In addition to Greenpoint Innovations and its partners, special thanks to the many individuals and organizations who supported this project, including the NYC Department of Education and I.S. 318’s leadership and PTA, Assemblyman Joe Lentol, Councilman Stephen Levin, Town Square BK, Forest Trends, and the NYC Mayor’s Office.