A Few Important Points


For those parents who have recently switched to remote: Those changes are not instantaneous. You submit a request to the DOE and then the DOE must forward that to the school on a report. Please do not expect instant results of a new class placement. Similarly, if you opt to go remote we will honor that request but will be largely unable to place your child in any specific class or with any requested peers. New remote students will be slotted into existing classes where there is space OR a new remote class will be opened up.

Actual student schedules will not be relased until Friday. Normally students do not get them until the first day of official school.

If you are a new student to the NYC public schools, it is taking a few days for the DOE to process your DOE account and password. Please be patient. Its not 318 thats causing that delay. For incoming students who never had a DOE account, elementary schools were suposed to issue them to all students in the Spring for online learning. Unfortunately a large number of sixth graders did not have them and this has led to some confusion.

Additionally, many of the emails provided to us by the DOE for incoming students were outdated and incorrect. This has obstructed clear communication. We only had the emails that the DOE provided to us.

Some parents have inquired about intervention classes . These classes will provide extra instruction in ELA and math. They are not solely remediation. One class is planned as a book club, another will be a science fiction class and another is a class on plareading and another is a fantasy literature class. They will be tailored for each class. Same for the additional math class.

To be honest, this entire process has been the most challenging experience for the entire adminstrative team. Trying to develop a program where students and families are constantly opting for different models and the with the DOE changing guidance on a daily basis has been daunting. At the same time making sure that all health and safety protocols are implemented has been a huge priority. Some might see this roll out as chaotic, but we are working as absolutely hard as we can. We know this can be frustrating. These three days are designed to work out the kinks and troubleshoot so that we can have a smoother rollout next Monday.


Mr Galvin, AP